Yim Lab at KAIST

Synthetic Biology ∩ Microbiome ∩ Evolution

Welcome to the Yim Lab in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at KAIST.

Our lab explores the vast field of microbiology, encompassing vital areas such as human health, food production, and industrial biotechnology. We’re dedicated to unraveling the genetic and microbial components influencing microbiome processes, with the ultimate goal of harnessing microorganisms as living sensors, therapeutics, and manufacturing platforms.

To achieve this, we are pioneering engineering design principles for a wide range of microbes and microbial communities. Our toolkit includes cutting-edge technologies such as high-throughput DNA synthesis and sequencing, multiplex phenotyping, systems and synthetic biology, animal models, and bioinformatics.

Join us on this exciting journey of microbiological discovery and innovation!


Dec 2, 2023 Our high school R&E team wins the excellence award and the best student award. Congrats!
Dec 1, 2023 Our GreenBio URP project wins the excellence award from EPIS Korea. Congrats!
Nov 30, 2023 Dongha wins the Wooduk Foundation Scholarship. Congrats!
Nov 15, 2023 Sung gives a talk at KIST.
Nov 8, 2023 Sung gives a talk at CJ BIO Research Institute.

selected publications

  1. Exploiting interbacterial antagonism for microbiome engineering
    Yim, SS, and Wang, HH
    Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 2021
  2. Robust direct digital-to-biological data storage in living cells
    Yim, SS, McBee, RM, Song, AM, Huang, Y, Sheth, RU, and Wang, HH
    Nature Chemical Biology 2021
  3. Multiplex transcriptional characterizations across diverse bacterial species using cell-free systems
    Yim, SS+, Johns, NI+, Park, J, Gomes, ALC, McBee, RM, Richardson, M, Ronda, C, Chen, SP, Garenne, D, Noireaux, V, and Wang, HH
    Molecular Systems Biology 2019